Gomed Stone (Hessonite Gemstone)

 Gomed Stone (Hessonite Gemstone) is also one of the important gemstone that delivers a variety of benefits to wearers and make them capable to live a health and stress free life.
Wearing Finger-The ideal finger to wear hessonite or gomed stone is middle finger of the right hand.

With Metal- silver or ashthdhatu.

Wearing Period - 4 Year from wearing Ruling Planet- Sun (Ravi)

Day/Time- The appropriate day to don this stone Saturday,This stone should be worn after Sun set between 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. 

Benefits- Gomed / Hessonite gemstone is not worn on zodiac signs basis.Gomedh is very much beneficial for those who are suffering from skin disorder,piles,infection of eyes,sinus infection, allergies,insomnia, etc.Original Gomed Gemstone (Hessonite) bestows health,wealth and prosperity upon its possessor.