How to Look Glamorous Everyday or Specially Karva Chauth

1. Start Early: Perfection takes time, and so does Beauty. So ladies!!! Start early. Schedule beauty appointment with your beautician a minimum a week ahead your date. Share your concerns with her/him like acne, dry skin, hair fall.

2. Get the skins glowing: Get your skin to glow like a pearl by taking care of it every day and nights. For a special occasion, follow a special regime either in the home or in beauty parlour. Clean, scrub, pack, bleach, massage, moisture. Don’t shop for cheap skin products, but be cautious of allergies and expiry dates of products.

3. Pedicure and Manicure: After skin, clean and stylize your nails. Simple home cleaning techniques can do the trick as well.
In home nail, cleaning: Simple mix a face wash in Luke warm water, adda few drops of lemon and scrub it. Dip your hand and feet in warm water for about 10 minutes and cover in clean towels. Moisturize using good creams with almond/coconut oil, rich in vitamin E. After all wear socks to protect them for a while and lock in all moisture. Stay away from dust.

4. Shiny Hair. Always use conditioner after shampoo. If your hair is dry, use hair serum after hair wash and could oil them twice a week with almond/coconut oil. Occasionally use hair mask. Regularly get a haircut to avoid split ends.

5. Exercise. Regularly engage in light to heavy exercise regime, at least 4 -5 times a week. Go for short walks in a park, meditate, swim or yoga. This enhances the body –mind balance and lifts your mood. The mood directly reflects on the skin and overall personality. This is better than any beauty treatment.

On special day: Karvachauth

1. Start a day before: You don't want to be in a parlour, hungry and thinking about evening Puja, praying for Moon to appear early, so book you parlour a day or two before the special day.

2. Facials: Any facial takes about 10-15 hours to show its effects. Your skin may appear slightly red immediately after facial, to let your skin rejuvenate after the scrubbing and message, always schedule your facials a day or two early. Facials ranging from pearl, diamond or gold are good. You could try new types, but after sharing concerns or cross-reaction with the beauticians.

3. New hair style: To surprise your husband, try a new hair style. Go through the internet to find the different hairstyles that may look good according to your face cut and goes along with your personality and attire.

4. Makeup: One of the most important one on the list! .Never overdo it!. Nude make up with bright lipstick and nice eye makeup can boost your personality and confidence. You can book an appointment with your beautician and let her take care from there. Always tell her about your attire and possibly show pictures, so that she/he could use matching lipstick and overall can give look that is in synchrony. Or you could do it yourself too.
If you unsure or certain techniques go through few internet videos and you may be able to excel them. Always ask your friend for advice and help. Always clean, moisturize before using any makeup, as dry skin can lead to cracks in makeup layers.

5. Nails: Paint then with color that goes well with your attire.

6. Mehandi: This can help in making your traditional look perfect. Book prior appointment in parlour as last day rush could spoil your excitement. Follow ideas from the expert or internet for the recent trends.

7. Finally the Look!!. Your attire is most important. Mostly everybody follows colors like red and pink for the day. You can experiment with the color of your choice, if you are confident it will look good on you. Remember, only if you are confident! Follow recent trends in social media and internet to know the designs trending.

8. Pair with accessory. This can help you in completing your look. Use matching jewelry, bangles and brooches. But don’t overdo. You don’t have to look like a bride. Accessorizing just right is also an art, and you don’t have to use everything in your wardrobe. Get a friend's advice if unsure.

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