Lord Bramha

Brahma is the first member of the Hindu Trinity. Born from a golden egg in water, Bramha is the seed of the creation, the uncreated creator. being born from water, he is also known as kanja(born in water). Many believe that a lotus emerged from vishnu’s navel and Bramha spang from the lotus. For this reason, he is also known as Nabhija(born from the navel).Bramha is usually depicted standing or sitting on the lotus. he has four heads facing the four quarters of the world. The heads represents the knowledge of the four Vedas, the four yugas, or eras, and the four castes based upon individual vocations.

The faces are bearded, and the eyes are closed in meditation. He has four arms often shown holding a rosary, kusha grass, a spoon of ladle, a kamandal(water pot) or a book. The rosary is the symbolic of time. The water in the kamandal is the symbolic of creation. The spoon/ladle and the kusha grass are symbols of offerings and sacrifices. The book symbolizes all kind of knowledge. The hand that holds nothing signifies protection or a blessing.

Brahma’s vehicle is a swan, a bird that is beleved to have the power to separate milk and water. This is symbolic of the power to discriminate between righteousness and evil. Sometimes, brahma is shown riding chariots drown by seven swans.

Worship of Brahma

Of the tree gods that form the Hindu Trinity, Vishnu and Shiva are universally revered. Brahma is worshipped only on special occasions. The sages once decide to organize a great yagya. Bhrigu was appointed to presiding priest.

The sages also decided that the greatest among gods would be invited as the presiding deity. Bhrigu was entrusted the responsibility of choosing one from amongst the Trinity. When Bhringu went to meet brahma, he found him so engrossed in hearing music being played by Saraswati that he did not notice Bhringu, who was trying to attract his attention. The infuriated Bhringu cursed Brahma that no person would worship him. To this day, Brahma is not worshipped the way Vishnu and Shiva are revered. There are only one major temple dedicated to Brahma- near Pushkar Lake in Rajasthan.

Every year, on Kartik Purnima(Full moon night in the Hindu month Kartik) there are special celebrations when thousand of pilgrims visit the temple and bathe in the lake.

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